Governor Wei Weiguo Went To Our Company For Investigation And Inspection

On May 8, the provincial party secretary Yu Quan and the governor Yu Weiguo led other provincial and municipal leaders to carry out work inspections in our company. Provincial leaders Zhang Zhinan, Liang Jianyong and Hong Jiexu jointly investigated and inspected.

MR-fiber is a returning enterprise introduced from Huaxi Village and also a circular economy project. Our company pays attention to product innovation, introduces advanced technology from the United States and Japan, and uses recycled mineral water bottles to produce environmentally friendly bio-fibers, polyester fibers and various synthetic fibers. In the production process, MR-fiber achieves zero emissions and has grown into one of leading company in this field. MR-fiber is a typical environmental protection industry that turns waste into treasure. After learning the details of the company's production processes and market prospects, provincial leaders encourage MR-fiber to keep up with market demand, adhere to innovation drive, and increase R&D investment to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprise. Governments at all levels must provide good services and support enterprises to establish post-doctoral research stations to help solve practical difficulties.